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What to wear in Australia?

That is a good question! Why? Because climate in Australia is very specific and sometimes unpredictable. Until I have seen and been there I had no idea what to wear or pack. Now I do! ūüôā



Find out my learned wisdom in the interview I that I was so excited write for TravelFashionGirl herself, Alex. Read about my Australia travel fashion findings here.

But wait! Don’t go away!

Australia was breath-taking literally.

Melbourne zoo, Australia

It was so hot the birds were falling off the sky, seriously. I have never felt so dangerously heated in my entire life.

To read about Mr K and mine epic adventures see my Australia series below! They cover everything from how and why we decided to do it to how it all ended. There are some adventure goodness waiting for you!

Australia adventure

Looking back I still cannot believe we did it…And I would do it again given the opportunity.

  1.  Welcome to the hottest and wildest Australia.
  2.  What inspired us to tour remarkable Australia.
  3.  Nine cities and a GPS meltdown in 40 days.
  4.  Dillemma for first-timers: famous Sydney or festive Melbourne?
  5.  How to see Melbourne for free!
  6. ¬†Three Australian cities and “punch in the face” hotness.
  7.  En dof the world, crocodie, and must know useful tips!
  8.  Best parts of Australia is in the center!
  9.  The Great Ocean Road and Melbourne tennis open.
  10. Australian challenge in its full and final glory.

Melbourne beach, Australia

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