Moscow is the place to be during summer. There are so many festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and things to do one might feel overwhelmed with choice.

Despite the ever popular cliche of an always in snow Russia, summers in Moscow do get hot and humid.

It lasts for three months, and it is glorious for people who are looking to expand their knowledge about art, food, and Russian culture in general.

Plan your itinerary well before you come there. Make friends with a local so they show you the best spots tourists can’t find in any tour guides and don’t forget to pack your best stuff.

Prepare and fill up your luggage wisely.

You will need you best comfortable and stylish attire. I am honored to have one more post published on Travel Fashion Girl. And if you read it till the end there are some shopping tips as well. 🙂 You are welcome.

 “What to wear in Moscow during summer?” All your questions answered here.

If you are coming there during winter, I also got you covered. Check this post out for the best packing and travel advice.

Let me know if you would like to find out more or in greater detail in the comments down below!

What to wear in Moscow during summer


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