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Moscow, Russia is like a different universe when it comes to fashion and style.

If you are going then “bring it on!” so to say. It is the hub for the latest fashion styles, trends, beautiful women, expensive cars, world class restaurants and food in general. And don’t get me started on the museums and galleries.

Don’t let the winter months scare you. It is not as bad as they portray it in the media. Yes, it is cold but so is Canada. Only in Moscow, one gets distracted by the architectural beauty, lights, and fast pace environment. You will love it.

I should know! Read this post to make your Canadian winter blues a happy one. 🙂

Coming from Moscow, Russia, I should have posted this a while ago. But I guess to each their own time and place.

I am happy to announce that I have been featured on Travel Fashion Girl with my latest article about “What to wear in Moscow during winter”.

Find out more details in my guest post for Travel Fashion Girl.

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