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Understanding what to wear in Thailand.

What to wear in Thailand and how to pack? Looking at myself on older pictures and seeing what I was wearing I have way too many face-palm moments.

What was I thinking? The most important lesson is not to repeat my previous mishaps, right?


This post is the part two of my Thailand series. Read my general tips about Thailand here.

I think the lack of research made it difficult for me when we came to Thailand for the first time. Back then, I thought that I knew what I was doing. That is why I packed pieces some of which, even convertible, were not comfortable to wear in a hot and humid climate.

I was so wrong on so many levels that it inspired me to write this post.

After many trials and fails, and three visits to Thailand, here is my understanding of how and what to wear in this “Land of the Free.”

Also, I had no idea about local culture and customs. My following recommendations are based on that as well.


Thai people are somewhat traditional when it comes to nontouristy locations. Covering your shoulders, cleavage, and knees is a must.

It is enforced at the places of worship. I didn’t know anything about this rule when I came there.

Tourists are treated differently depending on how they dress.
What to wear in Thailand

Try to wear something light and not made from polyester. I made a mistake of wearing my tight synthetic dress(worn as a skirt right in a picture below) that I thought was appropriate, but I was wrong.

It was too tight and too inappropriate for walking and moving around especially in the places of worship. It was simply too hot as well.

A good solution would be to pack everything flowy and not clinging to body parts. Pieces out of silk or lightweight cotton are the best idea. Please make sure that nothing is see through. 

Cost: $17.99

I just bought this dress in two colors, and I love it! It was a steal at $17.99! It already paid for itself considering I am wearing it almost every day and it fits any occasion.

Shopping in Singapore

Head  cover is something I did not think about when we went to Thailand the first time. 

Investing in a quality head cover like a silk scarf or a cute hat is a good idea. I am planning on buying a nice lightweight fedora once I am there. Have to love Thai vs. Canadian prices.

Cost: $40

It is important to note that the sun is scorching hot on most days and picture opportunities are endless. There is nothing worse than a heat stroke or sunburn that shows on all of your photos.

What shoes to wear in Thailand?

Good walking shoes that can withstand moisture is a must.

This place is a perfect place for hiking and trekking so plan accordingly.

For the city, I have the perfectly comfortable and stylish pair or DKNY sandals. For trekking, I have my lightweight Skechers with memory foam and arch support. I would not recommend doing any jungle trekking in open shoes because of dirt, insects, sharp branches and stones, mosquitoes and other injury related stuff.

Light moisture managing socks is an excellent idea and investment. Mr. K and I learned the hard way that not all socks are made equal and that there is a huge difference in comfort when one wears appropriate clothing for a particular activity.

Cost: $13.99

Cost: $39.99


 Stylish pair of sunglasses!

If you have been following my blog for awhile, I love me some good looking shades.:D Not only they protect from sunlight, and UV rays they also provide mental comfort when I am jet lagged, tired and have- a-no-makeup-but-should day.

I have three pairs. One black for a classic look that match everything,  one pair for hippie looks and don’t care if something happens to them and the third one are Ray Bans.

Cost: $109

I love aviators for giving almost any outfit a cool vibe. I think it is also important to note that all shades are different in style and color. That makes my accessorizing a lot easier and gives more options.


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