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Sooner or later you come to a point of realizing that you need to take care of your body if you want your body to take care of you later on in your life. For me it happened in Los Angeles a year ago,2014, when I saw my butt in a mirror. It was not a pleasant encounter. I was shocked because my toochie looked like an ass with a big “A”. Anyways, I started running that summer and continue on to this day. Getting into the routine was hard for me so I was looking for an inspiration and ways to facilitate otherwise boring (at that time) routine.

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So what are my little secrets to enjoying the cardio session more and actually looking forward to the work outs? Hehehe, I am glad you asked:

  • Here is to my truth to working out: I like looking good when I do it. I like my matching, supporting in all the right places, workout clothes! I mean, it is already hard to work out and make myself go to the gym so why not make a little more enjoyable? Next post is going to be about that: sweaty glamour. 🙂 Stay tuned!


  • I record a guilty pleasure video or music that I would be judged by anyone who picks over my shoulder. Consider it a sugar injection for the brain. 🙂 So far my favorites are Rachel Zoe Project, What not to wear, music videos, or some home improvement show.
  • I get myself a treat every time after the gym. Any healthy snack or carbonated drink is my other guilty pleasure.
  • More and more I search for fit and generally hot bodies on the internet (and especially Pinterest). Obviously for medical reasons. 🙂

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  • I challenge myself to different sports where you need to be physically fit. This summer it was mountain biking and tree top trekking.


  • I take pictures of before and after. This is how I see if there is an improvement and how far am I from my body goal.

That’s it! So far Mr K and I have been religious about or gym time. Plus, it gives an interesting perspective into a life of locals. Since Los Angeles we have been to the gym in Kazakhstan, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Japan, and of course, Canada. In other countries where we did not have enough time for a gym membership we just ran wherever we could.


What is your workout inspiration and how do you motivate yourself to do it? Lave a comment down below! I would love to hear more tips!


Always improving one's surroundings.


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