3D rendering

Need help visualizing what your design or renovation project might look like? Whether a house, cafe or a store, we can help you build a complete picture before you undergo the major renovation and make potentially very costly mistakes.


Bringing your project to life and telling its story is an important step in any renovation and design.

Our 3D rendering includes:

  • A 3D renderings and drawings. Two isometric views, 4 elevations (or every wall), top view floor plan or plan view, any detailed shot previously discussed in the contract.
  • One revision is complimentary and must be requested within seven days of receiving your design plan. Any additional corrections are subject to an hourly fee of $95.
We can also help with:
Kitchen and Bath Plans
3D Computer Renderings


Our 3d rendering service is perfect for a homeowner or a business entrepreneur who has the plans and materials selected and the only step that is left is the 3D concept. It is also a perfect opportunity for designers to outsource their work if the time frame is tight.

What we need from you:

  • Digital photographs of the room or space (at least four or every wall and window).
  • Selected materials and finishes. Either the good resolution picture of the mood board or a digital mood board.
  • Available AutoCAD plans with dimensions.
  • A completed Agreement and a retainer.

Please inquire before booking the project about how long one might take.

A 3D rendering starts at USD 500 a rendering with any 5 renderings complimentary. (up to 1000 sq.ft.) A project turn around is about one to three weeks, depending on the project. (Rate and timeframe are subject to change.)

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Do you have any questions? Would you like to start but feel confused? Please feel free to email me with any questions at julia.k(at)boardthirteen.com

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