Interior design trends are now part of everyone’s new year’s resolutions. Redecorating our homes became one of the first staying trends this year and one of the most prioritized goals. Comfortable living became a necessity and a way to escape a worrisome reality.

Our mental health depends on a special environment that is harmonious and builds who we are as people. Plus, our homes help us create wealth, so increasing their value is always on the cards.

Interior design trends 2022

Trends in home dècor change as the seasons and the years do, and we’ve looked at a few online sources to find some of the trendiest trends for 2022.


Interior design trends 2022

Once thought of us as a gift from the gods in South America, chocolate equals life for many of us to this day, so it stands to reason then that the warm, rich, inviting hues of chocolate are making a big appearance in design studios this year already.

This extends past paint and finishes to accessories, linens, throws, and pillows. Not used enough and your space will seem “incomplete”, overuse – and you’ll feel stuffy and “brown”.


Interior design trends 2022

The versatility of concrete never ceases to amaze, and far from just a commercial use, concrete can be used for a variety of finishes and constructions in the home-based environment too – but it’s critical that if you’re going to get creative with concrete, that you do it properly, so getting a well qualified Concrete Contractor is a no-brainer. It’s very hard to correct mistakes with concrete – keep that in mind.

Interior design trends 2022


We’re not sure if it’s all lockdown-related, but kitchens that have always been the “warm heart of the home” – are even more so now with more socializing, homeschooling, homework, family times, well you get the idea, going on in the kitchen, the interior trend is to use darker and moodier colors on worksurfaces, backsplashes, and countertops.

Much like chocolate hues – too much and it’s a cavern, not enough and you’re “missing something”.


Interior design trends 2022

The past few years have seen a definite oversaturation in grays, light-blues, and “seaside-Esque” inspired interiors. Perhaps ideal for shorter periods of occupation or seasonally, but it gets “worn out” and tired very quickly.

So now – perhaps also a consequence of lockdowns, we’re wanting cozier pallets with moody colors and fewer stark whites with “splashy” backgrounds – and we couldn’t be happier to see the change. Color has a direct impact on moods and the way our heads work – cozy, can only be good.


Interior design trends 2022

This article from Vogue has some classy inspired ideas for 2022 and we’re always up for gorgeous interior spaces that flow and create wonderful feelings, but we’re also all about making your space more you than ever before. Everything you read, see and take in is inspiration only – ultimately, your space should be an extension of who you are. Let that be your style guide, and you’ll never feel out of place.




Always improving one's surroundings.

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