Renovation can be a fantastic way to create the home you want and enjoy the benefits of increasing home value all the while. It’s a win-win in so many ways, so why are many of us so reluctant to dive in at the renovation? 

In reality, though the benefits of renovation are tenfold, the process itself is pretty hard work. Whether you’re tackling renovations yourself or are leaving them to the experts, you’ll need to consider everything from homeowner loans, like Evolution Money, right through to how you can function when those rooms are off-limits. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The key about renovation is having a plan! Don’s have a clue on how or where to start with your renovation? Let us know about your space! Creating an unforgettable and timeless atmosphere is what we do!

Contact us today and start planning your dream home!

As an experienced renovator will tell you, the main bulk of renovation impact comes on the mental front. Sure, physical and practical considerations matter, but it’s vital that you also consider your headspace if you want to stay sane during even extreme work. These are the three main tips on how to stay sane during a renovation:

# 1 – Keep your eyes on the prize

Once you’re in deep with your renovation processes, the work involved can feel like it’ll never end. Hence, it’s all too easy to lose yourself in a negative renovation spiral. Make sure it doesn’t happen by always keeping your eyes on the prize.

If it helps, you might even want to create a visual board for your new kitchen or attic conversion. By continually coming back to this, you ensure that projects stay on track and that you can foresee the light at the end of the tunnel. As anyone who’s done this before will tell you, that forward-thinking mentality alone is enough to pull you through any mental struggles. 

interior renovation interior renovation interior renovation

# 2 – Prepare for a mess

Not much is certain about the renovation process except for one thing – there will be a mess. By accepting this from day one, you ensure that you’re best able to deal with the dirt when it comes. Yes, you will still want to put down dust sheets and other such precautions, but don’t think that will protect all your furnishings. Instead, clear out space, and allow yourself to embrace the mess of a project that’s well underway. 

# 3 – Set achievable milestones

As much as it’s vital to keep your eyes on the renovation goal, the end can seem a long way away when you’re deep in a project. With that in mind, it’s also important to set milestones. These can be small things, such as installing your new cooker, or the stage where you’re finally onto decoration.

Below was an important milestone in the project which symbolized the nearing end of it. The backsplash install.

Working towards these stepping stones can feel like an achievement and break a renovation project into manageable steps. And, that’s guaranteed to help your headspace steer clear of stress and anxiety when there’s no end in sight. 

Are these steps going to stop renovation from stressing you out altogether? Probably not, but they can still keep renovation worries at bay enough that you won’t lose quite so much sleep, or sanity, to your efforts.

The end result is always worth it!

interior renovation interior renovation



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