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Clear skin almost sounds like a myth and a lie these days. “A no makeup” look seems like a far-fetched dream. We all know it is about proper lighting, right?

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I have tried so many systems, fads, and “it” creams that it still amazes me how I am not broke. A shout out to coconut oil and olive oil that did nothing for me!

I bought all the stuff from drug stores as well as other creams from expensive brands. I also went to a dermatologist and did oil masks. No, none of the above helped.

Finally, by the age 30, I have managed to listen to my skin and find the routine that works and gives me best results.

Disclaimer: I have oily to normal skin. Before trying, anything mentioned above or below I encourage the reader to do a research on her/his own. Please be careful.

Here is what helped me: leaving my face alone!

Leaving it alone was the first step towards my new and beautiful face. It was the hardest first, but necessary, step. Over my quest for the Photoshop envy look, I found that the health of your face is the direct proof of how you feel on the inside.

The more you are in conflict with yourself, the more you will try to fast fix it. Instead, I learned to love my face no matter what and it seems to return the favor. I am talking about a lazy way of thinking about instant gratification.

That croissant that you eat for breakfast loaded with stuff that not only goes on your face but will vacation permanently on your thighs.

A glass of wine now and then is fine until it becomes an everyday relaxing habit. Those calories and sugars are very hard to burn. Moreover, if you smoke, well, skin is the least of your problems since one cigarette takes away SEVEN minutes of your life.

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My problem was the indulgence in occasional bad habits like junk food, piling up makeup, which caused pore blockage, and inevitable squeezing. I also did not work out and had a stressed out mindset.

I tried all the non-surgical ways of getting rid of pimples and here is what worked for me.

Touch you face less.

On average, we feel our face 200 times a day.

Learn labels at the back.

It turns out almost all “anti-pimple” creams are loaded with silicone. I found that silicone is present in shampoos as well which also gets onto your skin and can contribute to hair loss and breakage. Pay attention to dimethicone.

For more info go here, here, and here. Though research shows that it is a problem free, I chose to stay away from those products and see a significant difference in my skin appearance.

Wash your face with lukewarm water.

Hot water causes pores to enlarge and “collect” whatever you are putting right after. Cool water minimizes the look of pores making your skin look more firm than if you wash it with warm or hot water.

Wash your face minimum ten times in one go.

For whatever reason, we as people do it only 3 to 5 times is not enough for our face. Seriously, do try it. It is wonderful, and you can see results in a couple of days. I also started washing it no matter before I go to bed. I wash it with a mild face wash every other day.

Apply clay masks AFTER the shower.

I am embarrassed to say I did not know that before. I thought that it doesn’t matter. However, their efficiency is better when applied after the shower because pores are enlarged. The one that I like and that works for me is so cheap that I want to cry from happiness every time, is seaweed. I play the sea monster twice a week. 🙂 Yes, Mr. K helps me to put it on.

Sea weed mask Collage

Avoid fillers, BB or CC creams, foundation …

and whatever else brands out there want me to buy. Not only I saved money, but also I look more kissable to my husband, fresher, and more like myself. See point 2 above for more information.

Do not massage your face if you have oily skin.

Massage gives stimulation to glands located under your(my) skin, which makes it oilier.

Moisturize with the right stuff.

Edited: I have finally found not one but three creams that work wonders on my skin. First is Avene Creme Legere for sensitive skin. Second is La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluide. I love the second one especially because it is an eye cream as well. And recently I found a company called Essence de Beaute a brand located in Toronto. They have an amazing gold color cream that is for both face and body. It is full of collagen and vitamin E. Besides all the vitamins it gives my face glow like I just slept for 8 hours straight. (not an affiliate, just love the stuff)

Stop stressing!

Stress makes me do crazy stuff like eating poorly, losing sleep, squeezing, and covering with more stuff that I do not need. I just learned to be calm and learn to accept myself. Pimples are such a first world problem that I just had to focus on something else.

Eat and drink right.

Well, that is obvious! This subject has been covered a lot and underappreciated every time. Nevertheless, it remains true: veggies, fruits, and water are your best friends. I find a significant relief in salads and Asian food. I cook it myself, and it is always fresh, with low sodium levels and almost no sugar.

If you have oily skin like mine, smile!

When you are older, your skin will age better and with fewer wrinkles. I learned the hard way that there are no fast results in anything worthwhile. It took me time to get to the point of where I am right now, and it will take time before you see the results with your skin.

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    • Hi Yvonne, touching my face is something I am still doing (old habits die hard) but trying to control. 🙂 Good for you to stop. And yeah, washing it more than 5 times shows results almost instantly. Let me know if it helped!

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