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In our fast-paced lives, a cozy bedroom is not a luxury anymore -it is a necessity. A bedroom is where we spend half of our lives. This is the place where we sleep, share our bedtime stories, and more intimate endeavors.
We work very hard to make our houses, apartments, feel like home and escape from daily chaos.
In this article, I will share some design “hacks” that will help you turn your bedroom to a place that feels like an everyday vacation.

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Let’s make our bedroom a vacation spot:

  1. A nice cushiony headboard. Texture, warmth, and no hard surfaces is a rule number one when it comes to creating a cozy bedroom. If a headboard is out of the question, oversized pillows can compensate for the hard surface and add necessary texture and warmth. Luckily, there is a huge selection of pillows and pillowcases nowadays. The general rule is: when you rest against it, is your neck relaxed? If not, you should get higher and a bit firmer pillows.Cozy Bedroom
  2. A side table with storage. Why waste precious space, right? Put your dream diary, a glass of water, a book you read, hand cream, or an extra pair of socks. An additional drawer is always a good idea.Cozy Bedroom
  3. A mirror that doesn’t face the bed. A wide, full-length mirror is an excellent choice. Extra light reflection, glamorous appeal, and outfit check before exit are all 3 in 1.Cozy BedroomCozy Bedroom
  4. A calming color palette is a must. Avoid making a decision you might regret later. While some bedrooms out there might inspire you to get your whimsy out, a bedroom should stay as neutral as possible for a calming effect. If you do want to add color, do it with accessories like pillows, bed sheets, or accent furniture. It does not have to be a saturated, bright red. It can be a print in marsala or a muted shade of your initial selection. Think pastels and very diluted tones for a cozy feel.

  5. Add a comfort sheet and a throw for layers and texture. The word “Cozy” has a whole new meaning when one has a cuddly throw or a comfort sheet to wrap themselves into. From getting over the cold to just chilling with your dog and reading a book, it brings another level of comfort and warmth. It will make you come back to this room every time. Cozy Bedroom
  6. Avoid any electronics or night pinching lights. Anything with blinking or piercing lights is wrong for the bedroom. A bedroom is your space to relax. Associated clutter or work necessities should stay in the office. Avoid television. As working adults, sleep and intimacy are at risk when it comes to electronics in a bedroom. Laptops, phones, and all other electronics should be outside your cozy bedroom. Exposure to monitor lights excites our eyes in the wrong way, which in turn affects our sleep cycle and sleep habits. We have trouble falling asleep.Cozy Bedroom
  7. Curtains, in this case, I am talking about two types combines in one window. There are a sun-blocking one and the sheer one that doesn’t block the sun and adds a protective layer to keep prying eyes away from you. Why do you need both? Sun blocking ones are more substantial and not only protect your sleep from light but also can act as heat or cold trap. It is a barrier between the window and the rest of the room. Investing in good ones might be a smart decision for your electrical cost. If adding a sheer curtain is not an option, applying contact paper or a film on a window is a necessary layer that still permits light in the bedroom.Cozy Bedroom
  8. Dimmers. Dimmers have this ability to reduce light to a minimum while still being able to see and not waking up your partner. It provides a relaxing, spa-like intimate atmosphere that is perfect for eyes right before sleep.
  9. Something pretty to look at. It can be artwork, a sculpture, a decor piece that calms your nerves. No room would be complete without art. Art has a way of lifting even the most boring of places. It attracts the eye’s attention instantly and relaxes it depending on what it is. It should inspire and calm you at the same time. What to avoid: war paintings, ocean waves or storm images, and single boats though.
  10. A rug for your feet in the morning.  A right carpet will go a long way besides providing you warmth. It will pull the room together like a picture frame and will serve as an isolation device. If you can’t afford the one to cover the space under the bed and 2 feet around the bed, then invest in a runner or two (for each side that is).
  11. A chair or another seating surface that is not a bed. We all love the idea of clean rooms but let’s face it: sometimes one is just too tired and lazy to put it all inside neatly in the closet. ” Chair’s are the best hangers.” It can be an armchair or an ottoman beside the regular classic chair. It just has to be a surface on which you can place your immediate stuff besides the bed.
  12. At least one hook to hang your wet towel, your robe, your it purse or a next day outfit. One can use a hook for so many things that I give you official permission to install two or three or four.)
  13. Good quality sheets. If everything above can be bought second hand or on sale, this is something you should be an investment. A good thread count, like 1000, of bamboo or cotton, is a necessity that contributes to your health day after day and night after night. Buy it once and reap the benefits onward. Buying smart when it comes to sheets is essential because you will wash them at least once a week. If the cozy multi-layered look is what you are after, start with a white base: white fitted sheet, white pillowcases, and white comforter, and then build on top with colors that are easy to pair with. Muted blues, grays, olive and prints can be paired with white easily.
Regardless of the budget and your relationship status, a cozy bedroom is a place that builds you anew every night. Spend wisely, and if you have a question, please, do not hesitate to ask in the comments down below!
Did I cover all of them? Which items do you already have or cannot live without? Share them in the comments down below!
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