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My must-know 5 tips.

Colosseum photo, Rome, Italy, Vacation

Going crazy over Italy here! These 5 tips are going to set you on a good start to visit any European city you are in. Read them below.

Italy was always on our radar when we just started traveling. It was only about time that we came there on our own terms, without tourist groups or any supervision.

Our trip lasted a month. We took a two-week train trip from Rome to Milan, then Florence, and Venice. It was glorious! We even went to Lido island and its beach, the famous spot for Venice film festival.

Rome, Italy, Vacation

I have learned some amazing tips from our tour and I cannot wait to share them with you!

I also had an amazing opportunity to interview my dear friend, Anastacia, about Florence. I have to say that this post is going to be EPIC. Many inside and interesting facts that I bet you had no idea about are coming up and about to blow your mind!

Rome, Italy, Vacation

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1. Do not follow TripAdvisor reviews for anything.

I find when it comes to the most visited spots on the planet, if you want a one of a kind experience, do not go the usual route. It especially true about restaurants. I do not know what is going on with the TripAdvisor tag or certificate on the windows but I learned the hard way not to trust them in Italy, France, and Spain.

Rome, Italy, Vacation

2. Comfortable and stylish shoes all the way!

Cobble stone streets are not your friends when it comes to feet. I know, great picture opportunities are everywhere and you do want to look good, but you have to realize that it is going to be a strain on your long term health. Picking something, comfortable AND then stylish is a must and should not be overlooked.

Hoping to experience the ultimate shoe shopping experience I was really disappointed with local prices and quality. I think the fact that we traveled during the hottest and most touristy months in a year (June-July) also had something to do with it. I like Clarks shoes because that is what we ended up buying in Rome.

Almost three years later, countless countries behind us and some very different weather environments I can say that they definitely paid for themselves.

Rome, Italy, Vacation

3. Sunscreen is your best friend.

How to spot a tourist when abroad? He/she is going to be red or orange in color. Always!

4. Eating out in Italy during peak season turned out to be an art form.

This local restaurant was the only one that we were so glad to come back to about four times a week. Delicious, cheap, fast, and real Italian if you find it you are in for a treat. Located Close to St. Peter Cathedral (East side) . This post was largely inspired by our trip.

Rome, Italy, Vacation

5. Make sure your accommodation has an Air Con or a ventilator.

If traveling during summer make sure you have an AC or at least a ventilator somewhere in the apartment. When we just came to our super cool apartment in Venice our dream destination turned into a mini nightmare because we lived on the last floor where all the hot air accumulated. There was no ventilator and no wind whatsoever, so the accumulated humidity was insane. When we tried to open windows to let some air in the mosquitoes became an inevitable “cherry on top” for the night.

We also came on a Sunday when nothing was working and there was no toilet paper in our bathroom. Now I have toilet paper or tissues everywhere I go despite the length or distance of travel. While browsing for some kind of a convenience store (which there are none) we stumbled on a café where I saw an abundance of toilet paper. I asked the owner if I can buy one roll for us and she just gave it to me. That was the best first day ever!

Rome, Italy, Vacation

Bonus Tip: If you can, visit Italy during any other season. Avoid summer at all costs. Prices are high, air is humid, almost no locals anywhere, and the overall atmosphere is extremely touristy. Try to escape to a smaller city if you can. 

Rome, Italy, Vacation

Hope you have enjoyed my Italy post! Check back for my epic Florence post next week. There is going to be some pretty amazing inside information about this cradle of Renaissance and life as we know it.

If you found it useful please SHARE and LIKE it so other people can enjoy their vacation better. Please comment down below if you have any tips on how to enjoy Italy better.

Would love to hear more as we are coming back there one day for sure!

Italy must know tips


Always improving one's surroundings.


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