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Celebrating his birthday in Los Angeles.

Over the past eight years together planning each others birthdays became our thing. And over the past four years of travel it just added some more cringe and funny moments to our memory bank.

Every birthday in a new city or country? Yes, Please! Since I have a couple of awesome local birthday celebration stories and ideas to tell here is the first out of many. Hope you will enjoy it!

Los Angeles birthday ideas (2) Los Angeles birthday ideas (5)

This time, when we were in the sunshine state, I was in charge of the entertainment program.

In Los Angeles the opportunities to celebrate anything are endless depending on your budget or the lack of there of. I was on a mission to deliver one of the most memorable ones Mr K has ever had.

Los Angeles birthday ideas (6)

So on the agenda I had the following places:

1. Waffles!

My man loves waffles and he knows it. Lately it has become a tradition to have waffles on his birthday no matter what so Cheesecake factory on Sundays provided us just that. A tasty waffle delight. Add a surprise candle and a birthday man’s name written in chocolate and you are pretty much set with a good mood for the rest of the day. Don’t be shy to ask a waitress for all this stuff they live for parties!

Los Angeles birthday ideas (3)

2. Shopping in Beverly hills!

Who doesn’t like shopping, right? Did I mention it was in Beverly Hills? That was a good way to *sexy up even the most uninterested guy and make it even more special.

I know what you are thinking –Expensive-. Not all shops are made equal. There are some affordable options just off the Rodeo Dr. In the end we bought items that he needed anyways which were sunglasses and some shirts. I should have probably planned a total new look, a complete outfit, but the latter worked just as well. Planning everything in one area is key so you do not have to drive around like a maniac in a crazy Los Angeles traffic.

Los Angeles birthday ideas (8)

3. Manhattan Beach walk and picnic.

If you have never been to Manhattan beach now is the time to go. I mean it, GO! Surrounded with amazing west coast architecture style, this neighborhood is going to be on your *to return to* bucket list. Free parking can be found if you are willing to walk for five minutes. Even the walk itself is worth it. Take roller skates, bikes, or whatever else you can ride. There is designated road for people that like to move. Terraces and bars are also a good option to sit, relax, and take in the sun! As for us, we did it the old school way: swimming, suntanning, and playing a game of scrabble on iPad. Of course Mr K won.

Los Angeles birthday ideas (9)

4. Arc light Cinema.

There are movie theaters and then there is Arc Light. It is like a Mercedes comparing to Toyota. An avid movie watcher Mr K could not shut up about this movie theater for a long time. I almost wished he did a couple of times though. He liked it a lot!We went to see a movie of his choice of course. Did not hear a peep from me. 🙂 

Los Angeles birthday ideas (4)

That birthday was in 2012. And he still remembers it as it was yesterday. When I was writing that post I forgot some details and it was Mr K who reminded me about the last two points. That only can mean that he liked it and I did a good job making him feel special. Yey!

Got any ideas about how to celebrate a birthday in Los Angeles? Shoot them down below! Hope you liked my post! Stay tuned for more birthday celebration stories an ideas.

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