Traveling to Munich on your birthday?

Here is the perfect birthday itinerary!

You are in luck! Norman from Munich, Germany will share the best places to make YOUR special day even more memorable! For more information on his journey around the world you can visit his blog:


If your best friend from out of town was visiting your city and had a birthday, what would you recommend doing? 

Munich is probably the most diverse city in Germany. There are literally hundreds of things to do, so it would be impossible to cover it all in a day. For a birthday I’d option to see the relaxed side of Bavaria’s capital.

I’d start out with our famous Weisswurstfrühstück. It’s a traditional Bavarian way to celebrate breakfast with a special kind of white veal and pork sausage you are (so tradition dictates) only allowed to eat before noon. On a rainy or cold day, we could see the Pinakothek der Moderne (an awesome modern art gallery). But in summer I would definitely head out to Castle Nymphenburg, once the summer residence of the Bavarian kings, for a picnic in its pristine landscape garden. In the evening, there would be no way around going to a traditional beer hall. A tourist’s favorite has always been the infamous Hofbräuhaus, but there are other wonderful beer halls like Augustiner or Spaten.


What are really special places in your city?

Bavaria is the birthplace of modern beer. We have breweries continuously brewing beer since the 14th , 13th and even 12th century! There is just so much tradition to feel and taste on a brewery tour, that this would certainly classify as a very special place. Also, be aware that Munich also invented the beer garden. So you really have to enjoy a pint or two of our national drink there.


For car lovers, the BMW world and the BMW museum might be a highlight.

What are other places or experiences would you recommend for a birthday celebration or making this one day special?

Oh my! That’s just such a hard choice. The most special way to celebrate your birthday would be going to the Oktoberfest (definitely read my survival guide for the Oktoberfest). But Bavaria’s famous beer festival lasts only two weeks. Still, you could always celebrate later 😉


What are birthday traditions in your city or country? Does it differentiate between women and men?

Actually, it is quite sad: We do not have any special birthday traditions. There will be a party, there will be a birthday cake and there will be presents. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun time! 🙂

On second thought there is one: We got the “box celebration” (“Schachtelfest). Sounds strange? It is! Old women are often called “old box” in German (alte Schachtel). So if a woman is still single at the age of 25, friends will “decorate” her home/house with a huge amount of empty old boxes. Most presents will be wrapped in multiple boxes (like Russian Matryoshka). Afterwards, there will be a party.

What would you recommend wearing and taking with him/her while participating in your itinerary?

Munich is a lovely and tolerant European city, but also a bit posh. Still, you’ll be more than fine with shirt and jeans.


You can find Norman here:

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