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Japanese pride, Mount Fuji.

Mr K and I have seen Mount Fuji in total of three times. Once during our very first visit to Japan (the shortest way), second when we were entertaining some relatives and went to Fujiyama (the long way), and third from a window on the way to Tokyo from Osaka (the quickest way). All three were very different experiences that I will never forget.

Mount Fuji is one of the most iconic Japanese places one can enjoy by himself or with a tour guide. The reason it is so iconic is because Japanese people consider it a perfection. If you look at the mountain, it is almost absolutely symmetrical on both sides.

The fist time we used the services of a guide. We exited our hotel early in the morning and then drove for 1.5 hours to the city closest to Mount Fuji. There we spent the whole day.

The other two times were done without any help. It is totally possible to go and see the mountain all by yourself. All you have to do is a little research. In the end you might save close to $300USD.

mount Fuji 04

Pictures featured in this post are from our first day trip to Fuji. In the future, I hope not only to get closer but also to climb it:) Wouldn’t that be something?

mount Fuji  mount Fuji

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Our day trip was really fun. We got to witness a traditional Japanese wedding, some wild animals, a beautiful lake, and ate black eggs. Don’t worry they were not actually black, just boiled in the hot springs. They tasted just like normal eggs but are believed to add seven more years to life. So I ate one anyways because I was getting hungry.

mount Fuji

I have learned that the white “scarf/head piece” that the woman wears during the weekend is because of the ancient traditional believe that when she gets married she becomes a monster with horns. 😀 So she wears the white piece to cover the horns!

mount Fuji 09 mount Fuji 10

mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji


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