Hanging out at Design Festa in Odaiba.

Odaiba festival

Here is why I am always excited to travel 20 minutes outside the main city of Tokyo to Odaiba. You just never know what else you might find there again and again.

Odaiba is a man made island just on the other side of Tokyo’s busy canal that connects several ports and lots of industrial factories. It is a mini city of its own. Build to the latest standards it features a huge mall, aquarium, a beach, and a fabulous onsen that I am going to talk about here. To get there you can take either a subway train or a bus. It takes about 20 minutes to get there if you live around Shinagawa station.


I was very excited to go to the festival since it showcased what Japanese are all about: creativity in its weirdest form and shape. Two days of festival covered a limitless supply of artists, designers, craft makers, musicians, painters, actors, and whole bunch of other people that deserve a special category on their own.

Odaiba festival

In one day we covered only 1/2 of the whole festival. We got to take pictures with local artists, a wolf, hug a panda bear, and try on a cute kitten doll. The festival grounds are huge and impossible to cover all in one day. We were tired from the visual overload and happy with the experience. It was the whole other experience of a flea market.

Odaiba festivalOdaiba festival

Tokyo is big on festivals. Below is the car show where drivers get to showcase their “babes” it their full glory. It was too much for us after the fare so we decided to skip it.

Odaiba festival

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Odaiba picture


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