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A couple of words about us revisiting Korea for the impressive second time.

We are moving on to Osaka, Japan. 10 days that we spent in Seoul were so good. Comparing to the last visit this one was a success. Mr K and I rediscovered Korean culture, and Seoul as a city and society. Last time we only stayed for two days. Two days was definitely not enough to see Seoul.

This visit showed the beauty of South Korean culture: its devotion to being welcoming, understanding and diplomatic. Its people to be open and friendly, hardworking and generous.  We were lucky to meet so many awesome people. Thank you all for showing us a great time and keeping us safe.

North Korea Collage 1 (2)During this visit we managed to see and participate in local hike and trail in Bukhansan National park, went to taste local fried chicken, went out to Korean club Cocoon, where guys dance more and better than girls, and they seem to really enjoy it. We also went to explore a couple of neighborhoods near Secret Garden and visit, for one long minute, North Korea. That was a first.

North Korea Collage 1 (1)

After those 10 days I can absolutely recommend staying in Hongdae district where all the fun is.

We stayed at Mapo-gu office metro station. The area was amazing. Close to everything in the city, it was a win/win situation for us with its local restaurants, close to a metro station, and under a highway park that leads to beautiful waterfront. Quiet and nice, it was an awesome and safe area to come back to.

If there is no apartment or hotel available in West part of the city then look into hostels. After visiting our friend from Japan in this hostel I can absolutely recommend its location and facilities. (Egg hostel Hongdae)

In general, we covered a big chunk considering we also worked during this time. Seoul is a big city and I cannot wait to explore it better next time.

I also picked up some souvenirs.North Korea Collage 1 (3) North Korea Collage 1 (5)


Always improving one's surroundings.

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