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Where to shop in Singapore?

In Singapore? Seriously, everywhere.(and that is the short answer:))

There are shops anywhere you go. That is the thing about rich Asian countries in general: it is all about shopping and then some more shopping.


At least that is what I think based on wanting to scoop everything I saw after only three days there. Shopping there is a way of life. While Singapore is an expensive city, there are plenty of affordable and still cute options in the following neighborhoods.

Shopping in Singapore

Authentic shopping

If you want authentic designer shopping, then head to quirky neighborhoods like Bugis Street and Haji Lane.

The neighborhood is full of hipster cafes, music bars, local designer and vintage shops. I would personally reserve a whole day to explore the area. Since I had two men with me who hate shopping, I had to wrap up pretty quickly.

 Super cheap shopping

For super cheap shopping that you can haggle at go to Lucky Plaza. Anything and everything is sold there. From clothes to souvenirs, to electronics, and city’s best money exchange, it is the place to stock up. Most of the souvenirs that you see everywhere like “I love Singapore” T-shirts are three for the price of one!

Besides the history-rich Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India cultural districts, there are more colorful enclaves for visitors to explore in Singapore.

You’ll find rows of hip eateries and stores along the Art Deco-style buildings of Tiong Bahru, as well as colorful Peranakan-style shophouses and traditional food stalls at Joo Chiat-Katong.

Singapore neighbrhood

Singapore neighbrhoodSingapore shopping

More up-and-coming neighborhoods include Everton Park, which is home to coffee joints, cafes, ice-cream parlors and other must-try foodie hotspots.

Singapore neighbrhood

 What to bring from Singapore that is “WOW”?

When we went to Botanical gardens, the opportunity presented itself in an orchid dipped in 24K gold. Need I say more?

Golden Orchid

Affordable, at SGD 118, the necklace has at least three options in design. It was a quick decision, and a beautiful present from Mr. K. Thank you! Orchid is a national symbol of Singapore. This type of orchid flower blossoms 365 days a year. By making the national symbol Singaporeans hoped to bring the same kind of luck to them.

Golden Orchid Singapore

Let’s be pals on Instagram! I cover lots of interesting facts about places I visit. Seriously, I learned so much it is not even funny. Say hello when you get there!

Singapore is famous for its laws forbidding stuff like peeing in public places and elevators, no chewing gum or having it with you, no spitting or smoking. For whatever reason I did not pick up a t-shirt symbolizing all the laws together is beyond me. Pick it up in Lucky Plaza.

Shopping in Singapore

The Heritage shop

This is where you can pick up a piece of Singapore. It has everything your heart might desire. From unique photos to antique furniture, it is like a museum that one can shop.

Address: 93 Jln Sultan, Singapore 198997. Phone: +65 6223 7982

Raffles hotel souvenir shop and a story

DO not, I repeat, DO NOT go and drink sling at the bar.

It will cost you an insane amount of money for two drinks. As we walked in after waiting in line for 20 minutes with a baby, we ordered two glasses without even thinking about it. It is after we saw the prices, we started having a nervous laughter between us two. Guess how much we paid!?

We paid seventy dollars!!! that is 70$ for two drinks only within 15 minutes of being there. That price included tips (seriously?) and taxes.

Our sob story aside the souvenir shop of the hotel does offer some unique souvenir opportunities like beautiful historical posters (18$), china, local designer bags, and other exciting stuff.

Shopping in Singapore

 If you have lots and LOTS of money

If you would like to splurge on a one of a kind piece that a select few know about then Purple gold is for you.

Singapore is the only place that has the patent to produce it. So it costs twice the amount of the regular gold.

First introduced in year 2000, the world’s first ever solid Purple Gold™ is recognised by the World Gold Council as a precious metal. Although purple gold has been around for many decades, it was not malleable enough to be shaped into jewellery.

After extensive research, Aspial Corporation perfected the delicate process of producing a malleable form of this rare and unique Purple Gold™. Created with the cosmopolitan women in mind, Purple Gold™ was also selected by the Singapore government as the state gift for the 13th ASEAN Summit in 2007.”


More info here:

Three boutiques are allowed to sell it in Singapore. If you did not get a chance to pass by one of them in the city Changi Airport has Lee Hwa Diamond Boutique that has this purple goodness.

Shopping in Singapore

More Gold

Tea with golden flakes anyone?

This tea is harvested on only one mountain, one day per year. What is more, it is harvested exclusively with golden scissors and only from the top of the tree which is the tea bud. It is then sun dried and placed into closed containers to slightly heat the tea leaves so that the polyphenols that they contain can be released and give a yellowish color to the leaves and a very soft and flowery taste.

After this, the tea is painted with 24 ct gold flakes! And no, the gold is not used to give it a luxurious finish but to provide nutritional benefits, as in Asia gold is believed to be good for health.

Price: Cost of one drink is $150 Singapore ($106USD) for 50 grams!

If you have no time to shop…

…but want something Singaporean? Then Charles & Keith is your destination. Singaporean fast fashion brand specializing in women’s footwear and accessories. They have pretty impressive pieces that match with anything or mostly anything.

It turns out we have them in North America. (I had no idea)…lol

Shopping in Singapore

Have you been to Singapore? Did you buy a souvenir? Share some wisdom down below! Maybe I need to know more. And I will never know!

What other souvenir guides you want me to cover? I have accumulated quite a collection. Let me know in the comments down below!

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