It has been about more than three years since our trip around Australia. However, I still remember it as if it was yesterday. Scrolling through all those pictures dawned on me that I never actually posted anything about our experience. Yeah, I know, shame on me. Well, better later than never!

How did we decide to do the trip? What did inspire us?

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What were the cities that we covered? How long did it take us? How much did it cost? What did we do? Moreover, where did we stay?

All those questions are going to be answered in several posts. In the upcoming posts, I will try to cover as much information and detail as I can and remember.

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To summarize our feelings about Australia I have to say that to this day I associate it with a beautiful, hot, unforgettable, and maniac place. We met some interesting people, saw breathtaking views, and faced the wild life at the Great Barrier Reef and all around cities that we visited.

We covered exactly half of Australian continent and went straight across it, cutting it in half. If you are ready to relive a journey of heat, ocean breeze, and crocodile encounter, hop on, you will not regret it!

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Do you have any questions regarding the trip? Would you like to hear anything specific? Don’t be shy and leave a comment right below!


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