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Where to stay in Bali
Bali has been on my radar since the beginning.

And as I mentioned before a lot depends on where you stay, what location, what accommodation, how much you are prepared to pay for it, and what are the amenities that you want to have.

Where to stay in Bali

There are several locations and cities to choose from. However, none of them, except maybe Nusa Dua, can promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See below the guide to these locations.

Bali photo

Bali photo

Beach location:

If you want to stay at the beach area your best choices are:

Sanur (East, dark blue circle) – least expensive out of three following beach locations. Sanur turned out to be the most affordable option for us when we stayed there.

Sanur beach

Seminyak (West, fuchsia circle) – average price and can go up extensively. Seminyak was developed following a terrorist attack in Nusa Dua. Since then it has become the most sought after location for everything.

Seminyak is the centre in Bali for hip and inventive fashion boutiques, other designer stores and art studios. A good starting point for any shopper would be the legion of small boutiques and designer stores on Jalan Laksmana.


Bali photo

Nusa Dua (South, green circle) – where five-star resorts have their mini city built specifically for tourist. It doesn’t get more beautiful than there. Pristine beaches, minimum peddlers, and locals. A city built for international tourist with lots of money.

Where to stay in Bali


In Nusa Dua and the rest of the island, the beaches are open to the public. In the time of need to get away from Sanur and Seminyak hustlers, we came there to relax.

However, it is still a rather private area so the sunbathing chairs and bathroom facilities on hotel premises are only available for those who stay there. There are restaurants with day beds and just beaches that you can enjoy without paying $500/night that are located on the strip. It is up to you to walk around to find the best spot.

Bali photo

Where to stay in Bali

City location:

Ubud (North, red circle) – jungle/garden city of many artists, craft makers and just creative people of Bali. There is no ocean withing a 40 min radius by car but there is a jungle for anyone who is interested. Many five star resorts and villa rentals with pools located there that could take your breath away. They do come at a price though.

They do come at a price though.

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Denpasar (Center, light blue circle) – their main city where the airport and office jobs are. It has attractions to offer and discover as well as different accommodations depending on what you need. All depends on what you want to see and do.

Bali photo   Bali photo

Other location:

I was told by my trusted driver Mulu that North is empty comparing to the south and there isn’t much going on there. Beaches were not as good as on the south. Who knows, maybe I will check it out once we are there again.

We chose Sanur because of less touristy and more local vibe. Also, at the time it seemed the only affordable option considering we needed to stay during the New Years holidays.

Bali photo

For the two months that we were have rented two houses. Both had its positive and negative sides. In the next post, I will talk about the tips and stories and amenities that go with it.

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If you have found this article helpful please do let me know in the comments right below! Share your tips on the best location in Bali. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Where to stay in Bali


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