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You are going to love this one. ūüôā

There is never a bad time to remember one’s wedding and proposal story. Surprise!

It was a long time coming and now the time is as good as ever to share details, pictures, and tips about my nuptials in Bahamas. I have collaborated with the talented and very kind wedding blogger Linda at classicweddinginvitation blog.

Now you can see the ceremony, celebration, and all other relevant details in pictures and tips here: 

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In short it was an event to remember for many reasons. It was a giant family reunion. It was my first(and last) dress trashing. And it was an eye opening experience in terms of location and ceremony organization.

You will find it especially interesting if your nuptials are upcoming up and if you are planning to have a destination wedding. After that trip, I realized that I felt sad we get to do it only once. There are so many ways to improve and build on top of a gained experience.

keep-calm-bride quotes

I think it is a good beginning to a follow up post about destination celebrations and general tips on how to save money. Let me know if you want to hear more! I would be delighted to share the experience gained.

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