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My confession about traveling with a baby.

This is a very special one to me. Six months ago we were on the move as a new and young family. Our decision to travel with a baby was met with skeptical glances and wishes of “good luck”.

I found out later that luck had nothing to do with anything. Since we decided to travel again and this time with a baby I have been asked over and over again “HOW is it that you are traveling with such a small child?”, “Is it even possible?”, “Isn’t it hard?” , “Why??!” and many more.


I was honored to publish my answers to all of the above on

You can read it here.


I find that timing also could not be better because it is my 31st birthday. This is the time when I look back and reflect on events in my life that made me stronger, and on the free time that I learned to re-appreciate all over again.

 Want to know how we can afford to travel and do it in general? Head here to get to know us a bit better.

So cheers to decisions that I don’t regret and made me a better human, and hopefully, parent. There is going to be the second part to this post. So if you want to know how traveling with a 10-month-old changed me as a person (as cliche as it sounds) you ought to come by in a week or so. 🙂

traveling with a baby

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