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Good to have you back.:) I mentioned in this post how I am going to post my healthy snack solution for the travels. Here it is! Before anyone reads anything I just want to mention that it is important to listen to your body and what it likes or doesn’t like. Some foods mentioned below might make you gassy or burpy. The following list is what works for me and makes me happy and satisfied during flight, train ride, or road trip.

  1. Plastic bottle, thermos, cup that closes or similar.

It is essential to have fluids and stay hydrated. I remember the thrown away bottle of just bought water for 3$ by TSA and the look on my face. Thankfully the lady in line saw me and recommended to pack an empty bottle of water for next time that I can refill at the water fountain. I never looked back again.  If you have a thermos, it will get even handier to make your own tea, coffee and even soup. (at the fraction of the price).  On long flights I love to get warm with some out of the packet miso soup. Yum!

  1. Fresh veggies and some fruit.

Celery, red, green or yellow bell pepper, cucumber, carrots (not the baby ones, they are treated with some water that keeps them “fresh” too long  and too dry), cherry tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, even grapes and broccoli are all handy and good. I love snacking. The most important thing is that nothing is dripping on me while I do that.

  1. Nothing salty. I love crunchy.

I pack almond nuts. If you are on a special diet may be it is not for you since they are pretty calorie rich. One nut = 7 calories or 550 calories per cup.

GOOD POINTS: No cholesterol, Very low in sodium, Low in sugar, High in manganese, High in magnesium, High in vitamin E. To read more: Calories in Almonds | Nutrition and Health Facts. Source:

Extra tip: I love crunchy and moist texture almond nuts. To achieve this effect place one cup of nuts in 1.5 cups of water over night. Nuts will absorb some moisture and will become crunchier and not as dry.

Salt during travel is not the best solution, it makes me drink and consequently go to the bathroom a lot more.

  1. No pastries from shops. They clog the intestines and hurt my tummy.

I avoid eating pastries at the airport. I do not know if it is the amount of sugar or the specific texture of the dough or the fact that I sit on the plane for long hours and my stomach is in the folded position but those “yummy things” stop midway in my intestine and have a clogging party. As a result I couldn’t get rid of it for several days. (if you know what I mean).

  1. Gum! It saves me from myself.

When I am hungry I become a ticking bomb. I try to control it but oh, well, sometimes it doesn’t work. Not only it gives me extra 20 to 30 minutes of time to find a place to eat but also gives me a piece of mind about my breath. Let’s be honest, after a long flight the whole body needs a good shower and mouth is no different.

“My body is my temple” or “I am what I eat”.

I personally would not want to look like a juicy burger so I pay attention to what I consume and how often I do it. Thanks for reading. Now, hopefully I am not the only one who can eat right on the plane, train, and automobile.

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