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What I learned while in Italy.

I am in Paris right now writing about Italy😉 Sounds cool, no? So besides showing off here are some things that Mr K and I are going to miss about this beautiful crater of arts, sciences, tradition, and culture. Though we have spent a month there, I do not think it was enough. We will have to come back there again.

Italy picture

Upon our arrival we immediately started comparing it to Japan since it was the last country we have visited before Italy. In the end we realized that you can not compare apples and watermelons.

Italy turned out to be different in every way imaginable. People are loud, more emotional, cars are speeding and running the red lights, restaurants are eager for travelers to come in, vendors of fake stuff are hustling you from every corner to BUY everything they have.


NEVER BUY STUFF FROM street vendors. “Never” means not even if they beg you or/and have kids with them. There are so many of them everywhere that it becomes a part of the negative experience. Recently, a tourist was fined a lot of money for buying a fake bag from a street vendor. Read more about it here.

Italy picture

So here are things that I am going to miss the most:

1. The ever talking Italian and their mannerism.

It is so in your face that you can not help yourself but to repeat it after them.  It might look like I was making fun of them but it wasn’t. The actual throwing of your hands in the air and talking loudly makes everything so much more juicy.

Italy picture

2. The not so great food in restaurants.

Italy is known for many things and food is one of them. Unfortunately, it should be noted that this “fact” is a myth.

You are more in luck buying something tastier and cheaper in grocery stores than in a restaurant. At least in a touristy area. One thing I have noticed is that the places that offer drinks with some finger foods are good but not the restaurants with four stars from Tripadvisor.

Mr K and I went to five restaurants there and the food, much like the service, was bad for both. So yeah, I am going to miss the notion of the bad food in restaurants and good and tasty delights in stores around Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice.

The pizza said with BASIL, I guess it constitutes as “with basil”.

Bad food

On tips how to select a good local restaurant go here.

3. The heatwave.

I will never come back to Europe during the summer again as it is a death trap. For some reason neither in Italy nor in France, and it makes me assume in the rest of the Southern part of Europe, people do not believe in air conditioning.

Italy photos

4. Florence.

Who knew Florence was the origin of everything that we call European art, culture, architecture, and science? That’s right, it was. In fact I miss it so much I am coming back when there are less tourists.

Florence’s authenticity is unique in every way majorly because it was this city that gave the boost to the rest of the Europe.

Florence golden bridge

5. Metro/subway.

Cheap, fast, with more air con than our apartment it was available almost everywhere. It was easy to navigate and understand.

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